A5 Chattanooga Teams

A5 Chattanooga volleyball teams

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17 Bryan
Head coach: Bryan Bramlett
Assistant coach: Kayla Arp
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17 Juliana
Head coach: Juliana Yensho
Assistant coach: Dani Szczepanski
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16 Steve
Head coach: Steve Lohn
Assistant coach: Sarah Davis
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15 Shelby
Head coach: Shelby Smith
Assistant coach: Michelle Wilson
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15 Heather
Co-head coach: Aaron Paris
Co-head coach: Heather Miller
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14 Duane
Head coach: Duane Hill
Assistant coach: Sarah Lail
Assistant coach: Blair Winston
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14 Shawna
Head coach: Shawna Laurendine
Assistant coach: Kristy Newman
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14 Jennifer
Head coach: Jennifer Redman
Assistant coach: Alex Martin
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12 Dan
Head coach: Dan Clotfelter
Assistant coach: Emily Haught
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12 Walt
Head coach: Walt Kean
Assistant coach: Rheagan Kean
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11 Antonela
Head coach: Antonela Suzuki
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A5 Chattanooga Volleyball Club: Teaching life lessons through the sport of volleyball.

We focus on key character traits that help define a person as he or she grows, including: integrity, intensity, teamwork, leadership, discipline, courage and sportsmanship.

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