A5 Chattanooga Coaching Roster - by name

Name Team
No photo Kayla Arp
Assistant coach 17 Bryan
Bryan Bramlett
Head coach 17 Bryan
Sarah Davis
Assistant coach 16 Steve
No photo Callie Hildebrand
Duane Hill
Head coach 14 Duane
Rheagan Kean
Assistant coach 12 Walt
Walt Kean
Head coach 12 Walt
Sarah Lail
Email | Bio
Assistant coach 14 Duane
No photo Shawna Laurendine
Head coach 14 Shawna
Steve Lohn
Head coach 16 Steve
No photo Alex Martin
Email | Bio
Assistant coach 14 Jennifer
No photo Laurie McGinley
Heather Miller
Email | Bio
Co-head coach 15 Heather
No photo Savannah Nelson
Kristy Newman
Assistant coach 14 Shawna
No photo Aaron Paris
Co-head coach 15 Heather
No photo Jennifer Redman
Head coach 14 Jennifer
Shelby Smith
Email | Bio
Head coach 15 Shelby
No photo Antonela Suzuki
Head coach 11 Antonela
No photo Dani Szczepanski
Assistant coach 17 Juliana
No photo Darin Van Horn
No photo Michelle Wilson
Assistant coach 15 Shelby
No photo Blair Winston
Assistant coach 14 Duane
No photo Juliana Yensho
Head coach 17 Juliana
Team Coach
Click to view team 17 Bryan Head coach Bryan Bramlett Email
Assistant coach Kayla Arp Email
No photo 17 Juliana Head coach Juliana Yensho Email
Assistant coach Dani Szczepanski Email
Click to view team 16 Steve Head coach Steve Lohn Email
Assistant coach Sarah Davis Email
No photo 15 Shelby Head coach Shelby Smith Email | Bio
Assistant coach Michelle Wilson Email
No photo 15 Heather Co-head coach Aaron Paris Email
Co-head coach Heather Miller Email | Bio
No photo 14 Duane Head coach Duane Hill Email
Assistant coach Sarah Lail Email | Bio
Assistant coach Blair Winston Email
No photo 14 Shawna Head coach Shawna Laurendine Email
Assistant coach Kristy Newman Email
No photo 14 Jennifer Head coach Jennifer Redman Email
Assistant coach Alex Martin Email | Bio
No photo 12 Dan Head coach Dan Clotfelter Email
Assistant coach Emily Haught Email
No photo 12 Walt Head coach Walt Kean Email
Assistant coach Rheagan Kean Email
No photo 11 Antonela Head coach Antonela Suzuki Email

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We practice an "Open Book" financial policy where every parent will have the right at any time to see and understand the financials for their athlete's particular team and the club as a whole.

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