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August 23, 2017 -
A5 Family,
High school and middle school volleyball are in full swing now, but it's not too early to begin thinking about and planning for the club season.  Informational meetings are just a few weeks away, as are some of the pre-tryout classes and clinics.  Youth clinics have already begun. We've summarized many of the dates below, and will continue to update the newsletter as well as our websites as we continue to fill in the blanks.
Informational Meetings Scheduled
We are happy to announce the dates/times/locations of most of the informational meetings for all A5 Clubs.  It is very important that prospective newcomers to A5 attend these meetings.  Certainly veterans are encouraged to attend as well, since we will be discussing things like Player Fees, as well as significant changes from last season.  We highly encourage parents to bring their athlete so that they, too, fully understand both the expectations and the opportunities of playing for an A5 team.

A5 Chattanooga Informational Meetings:

Sept 17th 7pm to 9pm at UTC University Center (Raccoon Mtn Room)
Sept 25th 7pm to 9pm at Heritage HS (This is the make up meeting from 9/11)
Oct 2nd 7pm to 9pm at Silverdale Baptist Academy (Chapel)

We are commonly asked if a family needs to all info meetings if the athlete is intending the try out for two A5 clubs, and the answer is "no".  The primary differences between info meetings relate to teams' prospective coaches, tournament schedules and their correlating travel budgets, and you can get that info simply by emailing.

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