A5 Chattanooga Leadership

August 23, 2017 -

Please join me in Welcoming and Congratulating the following individuals for the responsibilities they will undertake in leading the A5 Chattanooga organization to the Next Level:

Duane Hill is the Club Director of A5 Chattanooga

Dan Clotfelter will serve as Associate Director & Youth Director at A5 Chattanooga

Sarah Lail, Associate Director, Administration & Training of A5 Chattanooga

Walt Kean, Marketing & Social Media Coordinator of A5 Chattanooga

Nancy Culver Recruiting Coordinator at A5 Chattanooga

A5 Chattanooga Volleyball Club: Teaching life lessons through the sport of volleyball.

We practice an "Open Book" financial policy where every parent will have the right at any time to see and understand the financials for their athlete's particular team and the club as a whole.

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