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Our coaches will focus on consistency. We have a coaches manual that defines what we teach and at what age we teach each skill. We also focus on the fact that once a skill is taught at a young age, we will focus on reinforcement of that skill. From the time a player is 12 until they graduate from high school, we will maintain consistency.

Every coach will be given the chance to attend one clinic per year, with all costs paid for by A5. We will provide recommendations on which clinics will provide the greatest value, and allow you to learn from the best. In 2006, A5 put 22 coaches through the Coaching Accreditation Program (CAP) program at the Club's expense in order to help them further their education. Over the last three years we have hosted 10 free coaching clinics that have feature some of the volleyballs top coaches. The coaches include: Joe Getzin (Ole Miss), Craig Skinner (Kentucky), Nancy Somara (South Carolina), Fran Flory (LSU), Mark Rosen (Michigan), Dave Rubio (Arizona), Chris Lamb (Wichita St) and Wade Benson (Auburn). On the first weekend of January we will re-invent the Dinosaur Coaches Clinic. For more information please contact scott@a5volleyball.com.

Master-Coaching Mentoring Program: We refocused our attention on this program to put experienced coaches in a a position of leadership to work with younger coaches, to have teams practice together. These groups of two to three will work together in planning practices, reviewing personnel utilization, and working together on strategies for success.

Attending college practices. We have made arrangements to have our coaches attend local college practices and interact with these coaches to observe the most current practice techniques and strategies.

If you have questions about our coaching program overall, please inquire using the "Contact Us" link above or contact our Coaching Director at bob@a5volleyball.com.

A5 Volleyball Club remains committed to hiring, training, and retaining the most experienced coaches available. At A5 Volleyball, we are fortunate to have a truly talented, dedicated, and knowledgeable staff responsible for the development of our student-athletes.

Name Team

Assistant coach 111 Mary
No photo Sydney Allen
Assistant coach 161 Mary
No photo Caitlin Almazan
Assistant coach 151 Nate
No photo Samuel Almazan
Assistant coach 151 Nate
No photo Olivia Becker
Assistant coach 132 Antonela
Brittney Berube
Assistant coach 171 Nancy
Bryan Bramlett
Head coach 181 Bryan
No photo Lindsey Farrell
Assistant coach 123 Emily
Travis Filar
No photo Abby Gilleland
Email | Bio
No photo Callie Hildebrand
Email | Bio
Duane Hill
Email | Bio
Head coach 141 Duane
Board representative 172 Aaron
Board representative 161 Mary
Board representative 162 Nancy
Board representative 111 Mary
Board representative 181 Bryan
Rheagan Kean
Assistant coach 131 Jennifer
Walt Kean
Email | Bio
Head coach 122 Walt
Sarah Lail
Email | Bio
Board representative 151 Nate
Board representative 142 Michelle
Board representative 131 Jennifer
Board representative 123 Emily
No photo Jaquelyn Langhaim
Steve Lohn
Email | Bio
Mary Marcum
Email | Bio
Head coach 161 Mary
Head coach 111 Mary
No photo Katie McDaniel
Assistant coach 121 Dan
Nancy Mueller
Email | Bio
Head coach 162 Nancy
Head coach 171 Nancy
Board representative 141 Duane
Board representative 121 Dan
No photo Eden Murray
Assistant coach 112 Sue
Steve Nicola
Assistant coach 111 Mary
Communications coordinator 111 Mary
Aaron Paris
Email | Bio
Head coach 172 Aaron
No photo Maia Rackel
Assistant coach 142 Michelle
No photo Jennifer Redman
Head coach 131 Jennifer
Jaleigh Rogan
Assistant coach 122 Walt
Nathaniel Shadoan
Head coach 151 Nate
Shelby Smith
Email | Bio
No photo Antonela Suzuki
Email | Bio
Head coach 132 Antonela
No photo Dani Szczepanski
Assistant coach 172 Aaron
Amanda Todd
Email | Bio
Assistant coach 162 Nancy
No photo Darin Van Horn
Email | Bio
No photo Kate VanPortfliet
Email | Bio
Assistant coach 141 Duane
Sue Webber
Co-head coach 112 Sue
Michelle Wilson
Head coach 142 Michelle
Blair Winston
Email | Bio
Juliana Yensho
Email | Bio
Team Coach
Click to view team 181 Bryan Head coach Bryan Bramlett Email
Click to view team 171 Nancy Head coach Nancy Mueller Email | Bio
Assistant coach Brittney Berube Email
Click to view team 172 Aaron Head coach Aaron Paris Email | Bio
Assistant coach Dani Szczepanski Email
Click to view team 161 Mary Head coach Mary Marcum Email | Bio
Assistant coach Sydney Allen Email
Click to view team 162 Nancy Head coach Nancy Mueller Email | Bio
Assistant coach Amanda Todd Email | Bio
Click to view team 151 Nate Head coach Nathaniel Shadoan Email
Assistant coach Samuel Almazan Email
Assistant coach Caitlin Almazan Email
Click to view team 141 Duane Head coach Duane Hill Email | Bio
Assistant coach Kate VanPortfliet Email | Bio
Click to view team 142 Michelle Head coach Michelle Wilson Email
Assistant coach Maia Rackel Email
Click to view team 131 Jennifer Head coach Jennifer Redman Email
Assistant coach Rheagan Kean Email
Click to view team 132 Antonela Head coach Antonela Suzuki Email | Bio
Assistant coach Olivia Becker Email
Click to view team 121 Dan Head coach Dan Clotfelter Email
Assistant coach Katie McDaniel Email
Click to view team 122 Walt Head coach Walt Kean Email | Bio
Assistant coach Jaleigh Rogan Email
Click to view team 123 Emily Head coach Emily Haught Email | Bio
Assistant coach Lindsey Farrell Email
Click to view team 111 Mary Head coach Mary Marcum Email | Bio
Assistant coach Email
Assistant coach Steve Nicola Email
Click to view team 112 Sue Co-head coach Sue Webber Email
Assistant coach Eden Murray Email

A5 Chattanooga Volleyball Club: Teaching life lessons through the sport of volleyball.

We take our mission statement - "Teaching Life Lessons Through the Sport of Volleyball" - seriously and will always emphasize hard work, sportsmanship, teamwork, honor, character development and doing the right thing over "W's and L's", for we know that if we focus on imparting those important life skills to our athletes, winning will take care of itself.

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