K2 Events in the Smokies

January 23, 2024 - K2 Club Clash & K2 Elite 2024

First tournament of the new year and maybe the coldest outside the gym in a long team! Great job this weekend! 

Results from the weekend 

K2 Club Clash: https://results.advancedeventsystems.com/event/PTAwMDAwMzMzMDc90/clubs/39/standings

-12 Bailey Runner Ups in Gold

K2 Elite: https://results.advancedeventsystems.com/event/PTAwMDAwMzMzMDg90/clubs/39/standings

-3rd place 12 Rheagan
-5th place 13 Shirah, 14 Jennifer, 15 Mary, 15 Jessi, 16 Alfie, 17 Nancy

Making memories and learning the game! Back to the gym to work on what we learned this weekend! 

#LOVB #A5Nooga

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