SRVA Regionals 2024

May 6, 2024 - Congratulations to A5Chattanooga for their outstanding performance at the SRVA Regionals! 🏐🥇🎉 It’s impressive to see our teams secure FOUR Gold Championships, along with Three 3rd place finishes and Four 4th place rankings out of a total of 18 teams. 🏆👏
The hardworking kids and dedicated coaches have truly represented the club with excellence. 🙌 As the 2023-2024 season comes to a close, it’s a fantastic way to wrap up the year! 🎊

For those eager to continue their volleyball journey, mark your calendars for the July tryouts. 🗓️ We look forward to seeing you all back on the court.
18 Aaron 9th in Boys
17 Derrick 5th in Club
17 Jackson 3rd in Gold Power
17 Nancy Gold Power Champions
16 CeCe 3rd in Gold
16 Alfie Gold Power Champions
15 Emily Gold Club Champions
15 Jessi 4th in Power
15 Mary Gold Power Champions
14 Haley 26th in Club
14 Kaylee 23rd in Power
14 Jennifer 4th in Power
13 Jamie 27th in Club
13 Shirah 4th in Power
12 Bailey 29th in Club
12 Courtney 4th in Local Division
12 Rheagan 3rd in Power
10 Sarah 6th in Local Division


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We offer a club environment where coaching is consistent from the first time a player enters a gym at the age of 6 through when he or she graduates from high school.

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